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Cleansers, Tonners & Exfoliators




With gentle, yet deep cleansing abilities, the Purifying Cleansing Gel eliminates impurities and excess sebum from the face, while maintaining the skin’s natural defenses. Formulated with a combination of powerful acne-fighting and soothing ingredients to ensure a pleasant and efficient cleansing ritual, leaving the skin looking and feeling clean and healthy. Suitable for normal and oily skin types.


Decaar Cleansing Milk


A low-pH cleanser, that helps remove excess impurities, while maintaining skin’s natural pH balance. Although it is gentle on the skin, it is effective in removing make-up even from the eye area and cleansing the skin from dirt and excess oil. The formula of the Cleansing Milk is ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin types.


pH Balancing Lotion


Our pH Balancing Lotion has anti-irritation properties and delivers an exceptional softening effect to the skin after its application. It assists in maintaining the skin’s optimal pH, while supporting and restoring its natural defenses.


Phyto Lotion


Made from natural botanical extracts, the Phyto Lotion is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Its calming and anti-bacterial properties have the ability to clean beneath the skin surface, fighting blackheads and breakouts. It also reduces shine and minimizes the appearance of pores, revealing a healthy complexion


Oxygen Scrub


This gel-based exfoliator rejuvenates the skin by providing extra oxygen and vitamins, giving it a boost to restore all skin functions. It cleans out the pores, giving the skin a radiant glow and a healthy-looking appearance

Masks, Serums & Moisturisers


Oxygen Mask


The oxygen cream mask calms, hydrates and restores all skin functions by increasing the oxygen level of the cells. The skin metabolism is optimised and leaves the skin with a healthy glow. Fine lines are softened and the skin looks more healthy, tight and radiant.


Decaar Oxygel Gel


This energising recovery gel keeps the skin to look and feel hydrated, healthy and radiant. It protects and helps the skin against free radicals and in the fight against the signs of premature aging. The skin can breathe freely so that its immune system is balanced and it can then recover from the signs of daily life.

Oxygen Hydro 24hr


This easily absorbable light textured cream guarantees the restoration of the skin’s hydro balance as well as an intense cellular revitalisation. It is especially advantageous if used as a soothing treatment or in the replenishing phases after chemical and/or multilevel peeling thanks to the synergy of the hydrating and revitalising effects.

SPF and Tinted SPF


Oxygen Cream SPF30


Even skin tone and texture and reveal naturally radiant skin with Oxygen Cream SPF30 protection. This facial moisturizer with sunscreen is proven to improve tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots. Non-oily touch and non-comedogenic, and it includes SPF30 to help protect your skin from further sun damage and fight the early signs of skin ageing. This daily moisturizer is wearable under make-up and leaves skin glowing


BB Oxygen Tinted Cream SPF50 (Nude)


A lightweight, fast absorbing moisturiser offering sheer and healthy-looking medium toned coverage, as well as broad spectrum sun protection. Enhanced with antioxidants and potent botanical extracts, this formulation has superior protective properties against the damaging effects of free radicals, UV radiation, IR radiation, blue light and pollution.

Eye Cream & Lip Care


Energizing Eye Cream


A soft, lightweight eye cream designed to treat dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It contains concentrated energy that restores vitality and radiance to the eye area. The ability to improve the microcirculation provides an effective solution against bags and other signs of aging and fatigue around the eye area. The epidermis around the eyes is renewed and restored. Suitable for every type of skin, even for the most sensitive ones.

Teoxane 3D LIP


This rich, hydrating and reparative daily lip care treatment features densifying and nutritive ingredients that work together to smooth, nourish, and achieve a plumping effect for the lips. 

This daily use lip care product delivers comfort and structure to lips that have become dry, chapped and started to peel. The rich, hydrating and smoothing gel formula nourishes and cares for lips.

Teoxane 3D Lip melts into the skin on your lips and doesn’t leave a sticky texture behind. Plus, the cooling applicator gives comfort to sensitised and sore lips. The densifying and nutritive ingredients smooth, nourish, and achieve a plumping effect for the lips.

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